Walking Tour of Downtown Santa Maria

Click on the name of the site on the map below to visit the webpage about that site. Or, here's a PDF you can print out and take with you.

The tour is designed to start at the Museum/Chamber location and proceed clockwise (roughly) around the map.

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The Minerva Club

The Minerva Club is located at 127 West Boone Street (west on Boone Street from Broadway).

The Minerva Club was designed in 1927 by the late Julia Morgan, a California architect whose most famous work is Hearst Castle. The bungalow-style, cream-colored stucco building looks today exactly as it was designed to look more than half a century ago -- like a small, but formal, clubhouse for women. The building does include many of the elements that are hallmarks of Morgan's other works: the ceilings featuring large, decorative hardwood trusses; the colored, handcrafted tiles in the fireplace; the extensive use of natural, dark wood; and the long, narrow windows are all typical of Julia Morgan buildings. Morgan personally selected the terra-cotta urns for the front entrance. An Open House was held for the entire town to view the new building in 1928.

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