Walking Tour of Downtown Santa Maria

Click on the name of the site on the map below to visit the webpage about that site. Or, here's a PDF you can print out and take with you.

The tour is designed to start at the Museum/Chamber location and proceed clockwise (roughly) around the map.

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Martin Luther Tunnell Home

The Martin Luther Tunnell Home is located at 428 South Lincoln Street (roughly Lincoln and Orange).

This two-story home, now painted lavender, was built in 1868 on the Tunnell homestead of 160 acres where Hancock College is located today. Searching for good farmland, the Tunnells traveled across the country by covered wagon. They first settled in northern California but, after a few years, traveled to the central coast where fertile government land could be homesteaded. This home is said to be one of the oldest still-standing homes in Santa Maria. Martin Tunnell's son George sold the home to the Crakes family, and it was moved to the present site, in 1905.

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