Walking Tour of Downtown Santa Maria

Click on the name of the site on the map below to visit the webpage about that site. Or, here's a PDF you can print out and take with you.

The tour is designed to start at the Museum/Chamber location and proceed clockwise (roughly) around the map.

Tour Map Museum/Chamber SMVRR Coca-Cola Rubel Franklin Waller Easton Bradley DeMartin SMHS SMInn Minerva Tunnell StPeters FUMC CityHall Hart

Lionel D. Waller Home

The Lionel D. Waller Home is located at 200 East Morrison Avenue (leaving the Rubel Home, proceed south to Morrison Avenue and turn east).

This 1924 English Colonial home still has an outside storage area for block ice. Over the door carved in the wood is the name "Milden Hall." The present owner, Harrell Fletcher, said that Mildenhall is the birth city in England of L.D. Waller. It was Waller, co-owner of the Waller Franklin Seed Company, who named Santa Maria the "Valley of Flowers," a name that lasted for more than 20 years. The Waller and Franklin homes were never without cut flowers and manicured gardens. Mrs. Waller and Mrs. Franklin, who lived across the street, always looked forward to afternoon tea together. In 1940, after Waller's death, county officials named Waller Park in honor of Lionel D. Waller.

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